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  • Stop Feeling tired, lethargic or like you have no energy to do the things you love

  • Stop reaching for those afternoon snacks to perk you up 

  • Stop winging it in training, racing or recovery nutrition

  • Stop neglecting your food strategies and leaving your true potential on the table 

  • Stop feeling confused about how food works and how it can optimise your performance 

  • Stop wasting time searching in the dark for the answers you need


  • Start taking nutrition seriously and understanding how the right food can transform your life 

  • Start having energy ALL DAY and feeling like you can do the things you love 

  • Start learning the strategies that will power your workouts, optimise your performance and turbo charge your recovery

  • Start waking up every day knowing you'll have enough energy to achieve your goals 

  • Start feeling confident over how to use food in the right way!


  • Transform your energy levels and feel amazing every day

  • Transform your day to day life - start doing the things you love with total energy abundance

  • Transform your training potential to get the most out of your workouts

  • Transform your race performance and see your times tumble! 

  • Transform your recovery so that you can get back to training and improving faster than ever before! 

  • Transform your understanding and have the knowledge and power to use food to truly power your life goals!

Energy MOT

Feeling a bit tired/lethargic? - Occasionally your food choices, eating habits and overall energy levels need some attention. Perhaps your not optimising your food intake and need some guidance on changes you can make to improve your overall energy? If you don't want to invest in a full nutrition program/coaching, but would like an expert review of your current diet then our Energy MOT might just be for you:

  • Expert review of a typical 5 day food and lifestyle diary you complete

  • A full report with recommendations based on your specific goals and how to boost energy and wellness!

  • Supplemental and lifestyle recommendations to boost your health gains

  • Additional handouts, recipes and more to make recommendations easy to implement and stick to!

Elite Endurance Program

Our flagship program for all triathlon and endurance athletes. Say goodbye to endlessly searching google, questioning the 'advice' given by influencers with no nutritional science training, and wasting time and money trying to find out what works for you. This program has been designed using nutritional science and experience with the triathlete (YOU) at the centre of it all:

  • A 16 week program designed specifically for triathletes

  • Broken into weekly topics which we cover with enough depth, but without the confusing jargon, to help you transform your nutrition strategies 

  • We cover: training, racing and recovery nutrition as well as specific topics which are vital to success in endurance sports

  • No BS, no time wasted, just the facts and best in class strategies on how to use them!

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Looking for tailored Nutrition coaching? Look no further - we've got you covered! Planted Nutrition provides scientifically backed and tailored 1:1 coaching in Nutrition - We specialise in energy and endurance nutrition services tailored for boosting day to day energy or nailing that 'fourth discipline in training, racing and recovery!

  • 2 hour initial consultation where we go through extensive analysis of your current symptoms, circumstances and goals/targets

  • tailored and targeted nutrition protocol is developed specifically for you

  • Follow up coaching in your hands - we let you choose how much support and follow up you would like us to provide to suit your individual needs 

  • You will also receive free handouts and other tools to help you implement the protocol, as well as on-going support between our planned sessions

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