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Are you ready to truly transform your health, wellness, weight, energy and vitality? Are you ready to fully commit to the process of making long lasting and life changing improvements to what & how you eat? Do you want dedicated support and coaching to help you understand the approach to food that will really work and build habits that can last your lifetime?

Planted Nutrition 1:1 expert Nutrition coaching!

One to one coaching (general energy / Weight / Overall vitality): Tailored to your individual circumstances and specific goals. On-going support to keep you honest, accountable and motivated!

A holistic plan: A 2 hour initial consultation, where we go deep into you & try to understand exactly whats happening, your current health, and understand your specific goals and targets - followed by a nutrition protocol that is tailored around your health, needs, goals and targets

Your choice of follow-ups: Rather than a prescribed program to buy, you can choose between 2,4, or 6 follow up 60 minute sessions - This gives you the power to control your investment and the time spent together. Follow up sessions are where we review, adapt and continue to evolve your nutrition strategy so that it continues to help you achieve your goals, being ever tailored to suit your needs as they (and you!) change.

Healthy Food

Who is Nutrition coaching for?

  • If you struggle with energy, weight or vitality and not knowing what to do to change your habits and improve your overall health

  • If you feel lost with your diet and don't know how to make practical and long lasting changes without the support of a coach

  • If you suffer with low energy who might be tired, feel lethargic and unable to do the things they love. Nutrition coaching may be just what you need to sort out your energy systems and improve your health!

  • If you want to boost energy and need support, guidance and help to implement food and lifestyle strategies in a way that is easy to understand, implement and manage over the long term (no quick fixes!)

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