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Why not try our Energy MOT?

The Planted Nutrition Energy MOT is a simple and cost effective way to assess your current health, food and lifestyle habits - and provides expert guidance and support in how to tune up, improve and boost health and energy levels 


A detailed 2 page report with food and lifestyle recommendations -  based on your unique circumstances, current diet and future goals - to give you guidance on exactly how to improve your food habits to achieve YOUR goals

We use the latest scientific research and our extensive knowledge to create an easy to understand, No BS, and practical set of recommendations that you can use indefinitely to achieve your food and lifestyle goals

Additional guidance in the form of handouts, recipe ideas and supplemental recommendations to really give you everything you need to make adjustments with confidence and to ultimately boost your health and wellness

A simple and very cost effective way of assessing your overall food and lifestyle habits - helping you easily identify and implement improvements with food and lifestyle - to boost health, turbo charge energy and maximise wellness!

"Planted Nutrition's energy MOT was just what I needed to give me the diet tune up and confidence I needed to make positive food changes and really improve my overall health. I have been able to make some incredible changes which have made a massive difference to my energy levels! Thanks so much!"

"I struggled so much with just lacking in energy every day, not eating well and not knowing what to do. After finding planted Nutrition and doing the energy MOT, i have been super impressed by what i have learned and been able to change. Now I have more energy, more focus and I am much happier!!"

"For ages I scratched around in the dark trying to figure out what foods I should be eating to stay healthy, boost my energy and stop me feeling so tired all the time. Planted Nutrition sorted me right out - great report, and I'm so glad I got it. Epic value!"

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