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Planted Nutrition - Energy optimisation specialists

The philosophy is very simple at Planted Nutrition - take complex, time consuming and 'sciency' nutrition stuff and turn this into easy to understand, easy to implement and game changing plans to help people reach their full potential using food as their (not so) secret weapon.


No BS, no gimmicks, no false promises. Real talk and real experience to help you make real and long lasting change in a way that works for you.

Our core focus is ENERGY ABUNDANCE. Energy abundance simply means a relentless focus on how to fully optimise your internal 'energy systems' - Using food and lifestyle strategies to help you unleash your full potential, in whatever pursuit makes that you happy. We work to help you understand how your body and the food you eat work together to support (or hinder) your energy levels, give you the tools and insights you need to understand how energy works in the body, and teach you the lifetime skills you can apply every day so that you can eat well, turbo charge your energy and ultimately feel and be your best self. 


A lack of energy - whether for every day life, spending time with friends / family, or for training, racing and recovery - is an imbalance or insufficiency of energy system performance. No one should suffer from this, yet so many of us do. Planted Nutrition uses naturopathic (whole foods and natural remedies) principles of nutritional science to understand and address energy imbalances, insufficiencies and symptom root causes. This allows us to find the root cause of your energy imbalances, so that with the tools and understanding we provide you, you are able to address them in a long term and sustainable way.

It all starts with building Trust

It is hugely important that whenever you pay for services from a company or individual, you can build trust in what they stand for, how they operate and whether this is a good 'fit' for you personally. This means you can size up the brand before you spend your hard earned money. Planted Nutrition is transparent with regards to the services we offer - being open about the approach we take, our vision, purpose and values so that you have everything you need to know in order to make a decision about whether you would like to work with us, or not.

Our Vision

To be the best, most trusted, most valued and most effective nutritional education and service provider in the world of endurance nutrition and energy optimisation

  • ​Planted Nutrition wants to offer the worlds best Nutritional services which focus on 'energy abundance' - optimising the bodies energy systems through food to transform health and wellness, helping people thrive in every endeavour

  • Planted Nutrition wants to be recognised as a world leading provider of Nutritional strategies, programs and coaching services for Endurance athletes - with a specific focus on Triathletes and triathlon nutrition

  • Planted Nutrition wants to 'turn the dial' on peoples understanding of food and how it supports their health and wellness goals: Removing confusion, turning complex science into easy to understand information and removing the barriers to entry for educating people on the power of food

  • To make nutrition, health and wellness front and centre of everyday health and wellness - making the 'fourth discipline' for triathletes easy, simple and effective to implement whilst keeping the joy and freedom in good food!

Our Philosophy and Values


Honest, science backed and easy to understand nutritional education should be accessible to everyone - and information on how to use food to optimise energy systems, boost energy abundance and maximise health should be something everyone can access. Good nutrition should not be hard to achieve, and at the same time we believe that eating well can absolutely go hand in hand with enjoying food and having good balance. Our core philosophy centres around taking whats complicated in nutritional sciences and making it simple - improving the relationships we hold with food to turn it into our greatest weapon, and in doing so providing understanding, tools and skills for people to learn and be empowered in taking control of their health and wellness.


1. Integrity: We will work, at all times, with the upmost integrity: No Bullshit, No jargon, no short cuts, no easy sell. We will be honest and open about how we can help, what we will and won't do, what is expected from you and treating you with patience, focus, care and the attention you deserve.

2. Individuality: We treat each person we work with how they deserve to be treated - as an individual, not a number. Without question our core value to give you the best service revolves around the grounding fact that each human is unique and deserves to be treated as such.

3. Balance: We will always look to find a good balance between bringing 'the science' to life, with the need to cut through the language and make nutrition easy for you to understand. 

4. Educate: We value our obligation to pass on knowledge and help educate as many people as possible, such that they are armed with the tools they need to learn, grow and prosper. We will not hold onto information in order to benefit, rather help you learn so that we can empower you to take control of your own life and reach independence (knowing we are here if you need us!).

5. Honesty: Nutrition and the human body is a complex subject. We value honesty and openness as this is vital for ensuring the services we provide work for you. We will always be honest about what we can, and cannot, do - dispelling quick fix myths, being realistic and honest about how you can achieve your goals and setting reasonable and manageable expectations so that you understand and have clarity over how our services can help you achieve your goals.

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