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RRP: £129

Ready to start your journey to a better relationship with food, balanced eating, weight control and improved energy, vitality and health and wellness? You want to know what to do with food to give you full control and know exactly what to do so that you remove all of that confusion and confliction when it comes to food and eating?

Then maybe the Health MOT is what you are looking for...

The Planted Nutrition HEALTH MOT is a simple, cost effective way to assess your current health and looks at how you are managing food and lifestyle and how this is supporting or hindering your energy levels, weight, vitality and life goals,

A detailed 2 page diet report based on your unique circumstances, current diet and future goals is created for you - to give you guidance on exactly what to do to achieve your goals and thrive!

We use the latest scientific research and our extensive knowledge to create an easy to understand, No BS, and practical set of recommendations that you can use indefinitely to achieve your food and lifestyle goals

Additional guidance in the form of handouts, recipe ideas and supplemental recommendations to really give you everything you need to tackle your diet in a confident and clear way

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Who is the Energy MOT for?

  • Anyone who often feels tired or lethargic, and feel like they could eat better and improve food and lifestyle habits

  • Anyone who lacks the energy to do the things they love and want some guidance on how to improve their energy levels

  • People who struggle with their weight - but instead of investing heavily in a programme or long term coach, they just want some initial guidance on how to eat better without any commitment

  • Anyone wanting to explore how food can improve how they feel and are tired of being sold duff programs and quick fixes (which don't exist..)



Planted Nutrition's energy MOT was just what I needed to give me the diet tune up and confidence I needed to make positive food changes and really improve my overall health. I have been able to make some incredible changes which have made a massive difference to my energy levels! Thanks so much!


I struggled so much with just lacking in energy every day, not eating well and not knowing what to do. After finding planted Nutrition and doing the energy MOT, i have been super impressed by what i have learned and been able to change. Now I have more energy, more focus and I am much happier!!


Planted nutritions energy MOT has really helped me understand why i was struggling so much with my energy levels, and why i was unable to achieve my training and day to day goals. Their report is high quality and so detailed - lots of really easy to understand and useful recommendations, which I have been able to implement and have made a massive difference to how I eat - and now I have more energy and actually feel great when I train and even just day to day! Thanks so much, such amazing value for money!!

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