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Attentive Audience

Corporate Wellness

"As an energy optimisation and nutrition specialist, Planted Nutrition understands the challenges and damages of fatigue in the workplace.  When fatigue and tiredness contribute to up to 20% of lost workforce days its important to consider your staff wellbeing in the context of energy. We use our skills to unlock the true potential of your staff to give them vitality, happiness and energy abundance - all the things for a happy and productive workforce"

Energy Abundance Talks

Ignite your workforce energy and vitality with our invigorating talks. Our talk shares powerful and simple techniques for boosting energy, uplifting moods, and enhancing well-being. Engage and empower your teams, driving actionable changes that cultivate a joyful, productive, and healthier workforce.

Staff 1:1 Consultations

Take staff energy to the next level with invigorating and personalised 1:1 staff consultations - helping your staff truly elevate their energy levels through tailored consultations and nutritional recommendations. Seamlessly integrated into our offer for a truly dynamic corporate wellness offer

Ultimate flexibility

Various package options offer you the ultimate flexibilityfrom virtual talks only to full day packages which allow your staff to access our full services. Fun, engaging and educational - what we do is sure to help create a transformation that is long lasting and effective, long after we've gone!

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