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Planted Nutrition helps you get on top of your food and lifestyle to help you boost energy and transform vitality so you can live life on your terms, doing the things YOU love, without feeling tired or fatigued. Helping you achieve your food and lifestyle goals whether that be higher energy, better weight management or improving overall health - we remove the confusion and bring the clarity so you can live a healthier, happier you!

Thrive in life without obsessing about what you eat - build a healthy and long lasting relationship with food so you can boost energy, manage weight and thrive!

Are you struggling to know what to eat to feel good in yourself, manage your weight and have energy to get through the day?

Wouldn't it be great if you could have control over your diet, weight, energy and vitality so you can live a life full of more of the good stuff, with the people you love?

Our mission is to help you know 
exactly what to do to improve energy, weight and vitality so you can have food freedom and live a life full of enjoyment without the constant diet yo-yo'ing and false promises!

Download our FREE energy abundance Nutrition guide - telling you exactly what to do to achieve the results we achieve with our clients today!


Our Health MOT

Looking after body & mind is all about what and how you eat, drink, sleep and live. Our Health MOT gives you the platform from which to thrive - our cost effective MOT service to help you understand how you can start to thrive with the power of Nutrition. This service is for anyone looking to get started with Nutrition adjustments and improvements.

Corporate Wellness

Fatigue-related illnesses contribute to a staggering 20% of lost work days in industrialised nations. Elevate your team's energy, well-being, and happiness with Planted Nutrition's corporate wellness packages. Our engaging talks and consultations powerfully boost energy levels and drive productivity. 

Personal 1 on 1 Coaching

Ready to really commit to making the changes necessary to transform your life? Want to really improve your energy & vitality through powerful nutrition and food changes? If this sounds like you - we are here to help you on this Journey so you can really release your trie potential and truly live your best most energetic life!

About Planted Nutrition

MJ is a qualified and registered nutritional therapist, with a special focus on working with people to optimise energy systems in the body - what we call 'driving energy abundance'. Using his extensive knowledge and experience, he works with people to target the underlying root causes of energy imbalance and uses food and lifestyle strategies, underpinned by the latest science, to target these root causes and optimise energy and wellness, setting you up to achieve every goal you set out to achieve. 

Alongside his passion for Nutrition, energy and long lasting wellness - MJ is also an avid Triathlete and alongside supporting people with energy, weight and vitality he also supports Endurance Athletes of all abilities with Nutrition strategies & race fuelling to drive optimised performance potential, improved training, racing and recovery.

Accreditations and Registrations

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